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Paper Flower Key Holder

Paper Flower Key Holder

Difficulty rating: Beginner

Guest Designer: Mark Montano

If you need a quick ‘just because’ gift for someone, this is it! It’s simple to make, couldn’t be less expensive and we can all use one. I for one am always losing my keys and this, by far, is the easiest way for me to keep track of them.


Here’s how:

1. Cut out a circle in the cardboard that is a bit larger than a quarter.


2. Cut your wire hanger in a section that is about 10î long.

3. Bend it like you see in the photo. It should have a hook and an area where you can glue it down. Each end should have a tiny loop. The tiny loop at the top is for the nail.


4. Hot glue the wire on top of the circle of cardboard.


5. Cut out 6 layers of book pages in a flower pattern provided using straight edge scissors and pinking shears so that your flower has texture.


6. Staple the layers together in the middle in an X (this is my big flower making secret)


7. Fold up the top layer to cover the staples and continue folding up the layers to make your flower come to life.

8. Lightly spray with the Krylon Clear Coat and let dry.

9. Give it several more coats of the Krylon Clear Coat but only a little at a time. Do this until the flower is nice and sturdy.

10. Hot glue the flower on top of the wire and disk and hang it with a nail.

Good Thing
Candles in Seashells
Tools and Materials-Seashells-Bleach-Water-Wax-Wicks-Double boiler
Candles in Seashells How-To1. Clean seashells in a weak solution of bleach and water. Let shells dry.
2. Melt wax in top of a double boiler.
3. After wax has melted, pour into shells until they are almost full.
4. Carefully place wicks with holders into bottom of shells.
5. Trim wicks if they don’t stand upright.
6. Allow approximately 30 minutes for wax to cool completely and harden throughout.

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